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Electronics market research Germany – trends & opportunities

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The share of electronics is growing in automotive, machinery, medical products and other applications. The development of connected vehicles, intelligent machines, smart homes and interconnected products („internet of things“) will fuel the electronics industry in the future. 


Our energy market research Germany services offers our customers tailored insights on market, competitors, customers requirements and future trends in Germany’s electronics industry.







Electronics market research Germany – key topics covered


Individual market research from MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH delivers in-depth information on market perspectives and opportunities, key players, state of the art technologies, products and services, industry regulations and future market trends in your selected electronics market segment. Content and presentation of results is individually tailored to your specific information needs. 





MEYER INDUSTRY is your experienced supplier of energy market research in Germany. Our team works for electronics product manufacturers, EMS and other service suppliers as well as for investors interested in acquiring companies in the German electronics value chain.






Electronics market research Germany – methodology and capabilities


We set up a proven research approach to provide you with in-depth and accurate data on the German electronics industry. Our team has access to dozens of electronics related databases and industry magazines.


Additionally, we have established a network of electronics market experts to conduct short-term expert interviews with potential customers, research institutions, suppliers and other industry professionals. By bringing together comprehensive secondary data with detailed expert views on your research topic, we fully ensure that our market insights are up to date and fully reliable.






Electronics market research Germany – Selected sample projects

MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH has been assigned for a high number of tailored electronics market research Germany projects since founding of the company more than 10 years ago. Please select an electronics research project listed below to learn more about our experience:


The market for industrial imaging systems shows strong growth rates. German companies are among the leading market participants on a European level. Imaging systems are increasingly used in machine building, in medical applications, in security systems and in the transportation sector. For an M&A decision of our customer, we conducted a tailored market research on the European market for industrial imaging systems. Our research was the basis for the successful acquisition of the target company by our customer.

Our customer, an industry leading manufacturer of polycarbonate manholes used for glassfibre/ broadband networks, asked us to analyze market potential, competitive situation and customer requirements in the German market. We conducted around 100 expert interviews with city carriers, telecommunication and network operators and other market participants and deducted a comprehensive analysis on future growth opportunities for the company.

Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions are currently mainly used in entertainment and gaming markets. Nevertheless, the use of augmented and virtual reality is gaining momentum also in industrial applications, including customer support and service, trainings and first commissioning of new machinery. For the planned market entry of our customer, MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH conducted a tailored research on market situation, perspectives and leading market participants in industrial virtual and augmented reality solutions.

Our customer, a leading supplier of shielding material used in X-ray scanners and other security related equipment, assigned us to conduct a customer research in the field of X-ray, gamma ray spectroscopy and infrared spectroscopy systems. Our results were the basis for the customer’s expansion of sales activities in the sector.

For a supplier of electronic control units, our team worked our an individual market, competitor and customer research on electronic access control solutions used in private and commercial buildings. To understand customer requirements and market success factors, we conducted several in-depth interviews with potential industrial customers.

For a medium sized electrical installation service company planning to acquire smaller competitors, we set up a comprehensive target research in the German market for electrical installation services.

For a leading supplier of electronic manufacturing services, our team conducted an individual market research in selected EMS segments with above-average growth potential. Our analysis was the basis for the customer’s further penetration of the selected segments.

For a service supplier in the field of broadcast equipment technology, our team conducted a market research on market development, major players and industry trends. The analysis was the basis for the strategic expansion of our customer in the market segment.

Our customer, a German start-up company, has developed an innovative encryption device for business-to-business communication. For the planned market entry, our team set up a comprehensive market research on market potential, competitive situation, target customers and customer requirements. Based on our research results, the start-up was able to win an investor for product commercialization and market entry.




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