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Energy market research Germany – technical trends & opportunities


The German energy market is changing dramatically: Renewables increasingly replace conventional generation technologies, decentralized and connected networks are gaining in importance. New energy services, based on big data technologies, are changing longstanding business models of utilities and technology providers.


The dynamic German energy market offers various opportunities and challenges for technology providers, component suppliers, utilities and service companies. MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH supports market participants and market entrants in the German energy sector to take advantage of market opportunities and understand future industry trends.





Energy market research Germany – key topics covered


Our tailored research services provide in-depth information on market size and perspectives, key competitors, technologies and products, market and customer requirements, regulative situation and major trends in the German energy and energy technology market.


Whether you want to enter the German energy market, introduce a new product or technology, analyze your competitors or find attractive customers in the energy value chain: MEYER INDUSTRY is your reliable partner for energy market research Germany projects. We also support our customers with energy related strategic due diligence on markets, companies and competitors for M&A projects.





Energy market research Germany – methodology and capabilities


Our proven research methodology and our extensive access to all relevant energy market data is the basis for project success. Based on more than 10 years of market research experience, MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH has access to all relevant secondary and desk sources in Germany’s energy market, including dozens of databases and energy related industry magazines.





For further and more detailed analysis, MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH has set up a network of market participants and market experts in Germany’s energy business. This enables us to conduct expert interviews with market players, suppliers, customers and other energy professionals on your specific research topic. By combining all relevant desk information with the views gathered from expert interviews, you can be sure that our reports are up to date and fully reliable.







Energy market research Germany – Current project examples

MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH has conducted hundreds of individual energy market research Germany projects since founding of the company in 2006. Please select one of our energy market projects listed below to learn more about our capabilities:



For a market participant, our team conducted a strategic market and competitive analysis on the German distribution grid operation market. Distribution grid operators like E.ON, innogy and Netze BW are facing new regulations and increasing pressure for efficiency. Some market experts expect further consolidation of the grid operator landscape in Germany. Microgrids and blockchains are expected to threaten the current business models of grid operators.

Utilities are investing heavily in innovative service solutions and new business segments. Some examples are decentralized energy services, storage solutions, solutions for electromobility and smart home systems. Large utilities like E.ON expect their revenues in these innovative fields to exceed 1 bn. Euro in a couple of years. For our customer, a market participant in the energy value chain, our team set up an strategic market and competitor research in this growing market.

Our customer, a large market participant in the German energy industry, asked us to work our a tailored market analysis on the future of offshore wind parks in Europa and the US.. The global offshore wind generation capacities are expected to grow by 60 GW per year until 2025. The share of offshore wind as energy source will double from 7% (2017) to 14% (2025). Large utilities are heavily investing in offshore wind parks following their decarbonization strategies.

Acquisitions and transactions are playing an increasing role in photovoltaics value chain. Therefore, our customer, a large consultant in the M&A segment, asked us to conduct a specific study on the photovoltaic park market.In 2016, 76 GW new photovoltaic capacity was installed worldwide, growing by 50% compared to the previous years. China and APAC were the most important regions for new photovoltaic parks. Until 2022, analysts expect further, single digit growth of global installations.

For a technology supplier in the field of bearings, our team conducted a tailored market research on the global market for wave and tidal power. The research was the basis for management’s decisions on further investments in the sector.

For a large utility active in the Germany market, MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH performed a market research in the growing segment of renewable direct marketing. Our report was the basis for the further strategic plan and the preparation for the client’s future M&A activities in the sector.

Our customer, a large investor interested in an acquisition in the German market for energy  and water related sub-metering services, asked us to deliver up to data data on the German sub-metering market and the competitive landscape. The industry is highly concentrated, large service providers deliver stable and above-average profits. Besides established markets like Germany, Austria and Denmark, other European and non-European countries offer attractive growth opportunities in the submetering-market.

For a leading technology provider that planned its market entry in the smart home market, our team conducted a specific market research on growth perspectives, attractive market segments, competitors offerings and market trends in the German smart home market.

For our customer, a large engineering firm, we conducted a tailored market analysis on perspectives and opportunities in the field of nuclear power plant deconstruction. The phasing out of nuclear energy in Germany will lead to a large demand for engineering and deconstruction services. The research included a list of leading engineering services in the nuclear power plant market for planned M&A activities of our customer.





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