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Machinery market research Germany – opportunities and challenges ahead


German mechanical engineering companies are amongst the leading players in the global market. The machinery industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in Germany comprising almost 7.000 companies, reaching a production value of more than 200 billion Euro in 2016. A large number of medium sized machinery companies are „hidden champions“, holding a technologically leading position in their respective market segment globally. Almost one third of the industry’s revenues is achieved by innovations and product improvements.



Digitalization, increasing international competition and ongoing cost pressure are some of the main topics that German machinery producers are facing today. To stay ahead of the competition, a high degree of innovation, combined with deep understanding of current and future market and customer requirements are inevitable. The machinery market research Germany services provided by MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH help market participants and new players to analyze market potential, competition, customers and market trends in the German machinery industry.





Machinery market research Germany – Key topics covered


As a professional market research company in Germany, Munich, MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH provides tailored market research on the German mechanical engineering and machinery industry. Our clients are machine producers, component suppliers and service companies involved in the German machinery market.


Typical contents covered in our machinery market research Germany services are market size, future market potential, competitive landscape, analysis of key customers and their customer requirements as well as major market trends and success factors in the German machinery industry.



Our individual market research is mainly used for the systematic evaluation of product and service innovations, planned market entries and the extension of sales activities in the German machinery sector. Additionally, several clients rely on our data for mergers and acquisitions in the German mechanical engineering industry. 





Machinery market research Germany – methodology and capabilities


A high number of our machinery market research Germany projects are focussing on product and service innovations, specific market niches and technologically demanding applications. As off-the-shelf reports do not provide specific information on these markets and products very often, we use a proven, proprietary research approach to analyze market, customers, competition, and trends for our customers. 






To provide you with a deep and detailed understanding of the market, we make use of our extensive access to all databases and secondary data suppliers in Germany’s machinery industry, including a high number of machinery industry-related databases.


Additionally, we have access to a proven network of market experts in Germany’s machinery and mechanical engineering industry. Based on more than 10 years of project experience, we are able to set up expert interviews with market participants, customers and other market experts within short time. By combining insights from accurate desk research with opinions from machinery market experts, our studies provide you with a unique understanding of market and competitive situation in Germany. Machinery market research Germany by MEYER INDUSTRY RESEARCH – rely on an experienced partner with more 300 completed market analysis projects since 2007. 








Machinery market research Germany – Selection of recent project examples

Our experienced team has conducted hundreds of successful machinery market research Germany projects since 2006. Please select one of our mechanical engineering project examples to learn more:


For our customer we analyzed major German market participants in the field of 3D-printing and additive manufacturing solutions. As large traditional machine producers like Trumpf, DMG Mori or Arburg are increasingly investing in the market, 3D-printing and additive manufacturing are opening up new applications in the industrial and machinery sector.

Machine data acquisition systems collect and analyze critical information on machine productivity, machine down times, number of units produced and other important information at production sites. Our customer has developed an innovative, but inexpensive alternative to conventional machine data acquisition systems and asked us to analyze current market situation, system usage, major competitive systems and user requirements in the German automotive suppliers industry. Our team successfully set up in-depth expert interviews with more than 50 production managers at German automotive supplier companies.

For an international supplier of electrical components interested in serving the growing German robotics industry, we conducted a research on the major manufacturers of industrial robots located in Germany. The analysis delivered more than 50 relevant market participants with an attractive selling potential for our customer.

Our customer, a global manufacturer of high-precision machining centers, asked us to provide an overview on foundries, machining companies and assemblers in the field of e-drive housings. We provided a list of more than 50 potential customers in the global marketplace, used as the basis for future strategic sales activities for our customer.

The market for tool grinding machinery is highly competitive, a couple of large global players are dominating the industry. Small and medium sized machinery suppliers have to find their specific market niche to be able to survive in the future. Our customer, an investor interested in acquiring a medium sized tool grinding machine supplier, asked us to deliver an up to date market and competitive overview on Germany. Based on accurate desk research and more than 20 interviews with market participants and customers in the German tool grinding market, we delivered an extensive report on market, major players, customer requirements and trends as a solid basis for the customer’s investment decision.

For a leading manufacturer of linear technology components our team conducted an individual market research on market size, competitive landscape, key customers in Germany and customer requirements. The analysis was the basis for market entry and expansion in the German machinery market.

Our customers, a medium sized supplier of milled precision parts manufactured on 5 axis machines, considered to invest in several new milling machines to be able to produce larger parts for new customer segments. Therefore, the company’s management asked us to evaluate the market potential in the German market for aluminium, titan and stainless steel parts for aviation, machinery components, energy technology, shipping industry and vacuum technology. We conducted more than 50 customer interviews with purchasing departments of potential customers to understand there needs and the potential to enter this new market segment and delivered a comprehensive report to to customer.

For the planned market entry of a new technology in the field of waterjet cutting machinery, our customer engaged us to conduct an individual market entry study. The research focused on market potential, current competitive technologies in the field of waterjet cutting machines and key customer requirements. We conducted more than 30 interviews with operators of waterjet cutting machines in Germany to get a detailed overview of the current market situation and the customers‘ needs.

Our customer, an innovative startup in the German machinery sector, engaged us to conduct an individual market research on the market for conveyor chain cleaning systems. By conducting interviews with technical managers and production managers at power coating facilities and larger industrial painting shops,  our team prepared a comprehensive overview on market segments, potential, competitive technologies, customer requirements and market entry options.

For a supplier or pneumatic machinery components we analyzed the global market for plastics and rubber machinery, focussing on market size, growth perspectives, key machinery suppliers and future market trends and requirements. In the project, we combined systematic secondary research with expert and customer interviews to get an in-depth view on the market.

For a supplier of automation technology in the machinery sector our team conducted an individual market research on packaging machinery in Europa, Americas and Asia. The research investigated future development of market segments, countries and main machinery types. Additionally we worked out a comprehensive list of the largest packaging machinery manufacturers for the customer’s sales activities.

For a supplier of electric drives for automation and industrial applications we conducted a research on market size, major competitors and future customer requirements in selected market segments. The research was the basis for the market entry in a new product segment.

For a supplier of components we worked out an individual research in the German market for frequency converters (energy, industrial and transportation applications). The analysis focused on market size/ development, key players in the market, largest potential customers and major market trends.

Our customer planned the introduction of a new servo drive in the German market. Therefore, we conducted a market entry study on selected segments of the German market for servo drives. Key topics analyzed were market size, further development, key competitors and their technologies as well as future customer requirements.

For an international manufacturer of high-end linear and torque motors (direct drives), our team conducted a tailored market entry study in the German market. By conducting interviews with more than 30 potential customers in Germany, we worked out a detailed overview on current technologies used, future requirements and market entry options.

For a supplier of components used in pumps our team performed a tailored market research on the German pump manufacturing industry. Die analysis was the basis for the further expansion of our customer’s sales activities in the German market.

For a supplier of engineered polymers we set up a market research project on the German hydraulic cylinders and systems manufacturers. Target of the project was to analyze market potential and to identify the leading producers of hydraulic cylinders and systems in Germany. Secondary research was combined with more than 20 interviews with market experts and customers. Based on the results of the market analysis, our customer reinforced its sales activities in the German market.

For a supplier of engineered polymers we set up a market research project on the German pneumatic components and systems manufacturers. Target of the project was to analyze market size, growth opportunties and to identify the leading producers of pneumatic components and systems in Germany.Secondary research was combined with more than 20 interviews with market experts and customers.Based on the results of the market analysis, our customer reinforced its sales activities in the German pneumatic market.

For a manufacturer of aluminium profiles we conducted a strategic market research in the German market. To support the customer’s management in a larger investment decision, we analyzed market size, future market development, competitive situation and major market trends in the market for aluminium profiles in Germany.

For the market entry of an innovative assembly automation solution our team analyzed market potential, competitive solutions and key customer requirements in several selected applications. The robot was especially designed to assemble small parts in demanding environments. The analysis was used as basis for the further market entry strategy of our customer.







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